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The overall, what may be called, "full stack", high-level architecture, is depicted in the diagram below. (Click on the image to enlarge).


map5topo architecture

This figure can best be read through a "follow the data" stream. Arrows denote data flow. Blue boxes tools. Green boxes data.

The main scenario starts at the bottom of the figure.

In short from bottom to top:

  • bottom green boxes: raw datasets
  • ETL is Extract Transform Load, basically data conversion & transformation from raw to "manageable" data
  • ETL: GDAL - gdaldem tooling to convert raw DEM height data to hillshade (GeoTIFF)
  • ETL: also extract (Vector) Contour lines from DEM and store in PostGIS
  • ETL: osm2pgsql converts raw OpenStreetMap data files (.pbf) to PostGIS
  • ETL: NLExtract converts Dutch Key Registry data, usually GML, to PostGIS
  • Unified Data Schema: further expanded in Data Design Section, funnels all Vector data into single Schema
  • Mapnik is basically a Raster Map Renderer that can operate on various data sources (GTiff, PostGIS, ..)
  • Mapnik operates with Mapnik Style files (.xml) later CartoCSS to generate raster map files
  • MapProxy is a raster data server that supports a multitude of raster map sources, usually WMS, here Mapnik
  • MapProxy can generate so called Tile Caches to store rendered map (raster) tiles
  • MapProxy+Mapnik also generates HQ Tiles also known as Retina Tiles with double DPI by scaling to 512*512
  • GeoPackage is a versatile, fast and easy to deploy tile cache (single) file format
  • MapProxy serves raster maps in a large range of Web Mapping protocols: WMTS, WMS, TMS, "XYZ",..
  • Finally Traefik is a front-end HTTP(S) server to the users and apps that consume the map tiles
  • Traefik is not only a routing Proxy but also automatically handles/creates/updates SSL certificates using the free Let's Encrypt service
  • Just Objects B.V. is a sponsor of Let's Encrypt!

Created 2024-05-23, Updated 2024-05-23
Authors: justb4 (1)