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Welcome to the map5topo website!


map5topo is a new (2023) topographic digital map covering The Netherlands plus parts of bordering countries. The map5topo project started in April 2022 and is ongoing since.

Source data originates from Open Datasets like the Dutch "Key Registries" ("Basisregistraties": BAG, BRT, BGT, BRK, AHN, ...) and from OpenStreetMap.

map5topo is provided by via OGC tiled web services like WMTS, but also "XYZ" (Google/OSM tiles, a.k.a. Web Mercator) tiles. Currently only raster (image) tiles.

This website now covers mainly work-in-progress documentation. Eventually map5topo will be an Open Source project. At the moment we are cleaning up code and more, as to have a more accessible project. Be patient!

Please see the left hand navigation for the table of contents.


View map5topo in full interactively.


Watch work in progress screenshots in the Gallery.


Stay uptodate through the Newsletter. For map5topo developments, start with Newsletter nr 5. (In Dutch, sorry).


map5topo has been presented on several occasions, upcoming is on Sept 14, 2023 at the FOSS4G-NL


Even more curious? Watch a video presentation of work-in-progress:


For help and/or questions, send email to our Helpdesk.

Created 2024-06-05, Updated 2024-06-05
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